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Simple and humorous.

Great song.

The song is Brianstorm by Arctic Monkeys, nice to run into a song I don't hear anywhere else.

Could've used better quality. Nice animation though. All in all, pretty good.

I remember watching this as a kid.

This was one of the first things I saw on the internet. Always a classic.

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Like a previous reviewer, I've encountered a completely game breaking glitch.

I've done everything possible. Minus a few of the more tedious and arbitrary achievements. I've found every note and log, done every objective, used every weapon to it's fullest extent, and gotten every reaction (Including advanced) for every food and item and got the zombie to deny human flesh as a food source, yet still I get no ending. And if the ending really is just my researcher giving up hope and researching everything in an infinite loop, than that's an awful ending.

Fix the bug or the ending, but neither one is deserving of a perfect score.

Aside from that, the game was bearable but incredibly tedious. Making us get every normal reaction from every item would've been acceptable had their not been so many of them spread so far apart. That made the game feel dragged out and more of a chore than an activity.

Other than that, good atmosphere and the animation quality was pretty satisfying.

One minor change though, if you just killed a zombie, don't have it still there, ready and waiting for you to pick it out of the selection line-up.

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Evil-Dog responds:

if you look at your objectives it's clear that this is the ending however AWFUL it is haha it's no glitch it's just an open ending. The climax of the story is only a few logs earlier with a cinematic and all...isn't that enough.


Was having a fun time with it, got to the part where he's almost home, he says "Great. Almost home." Or something like that, and then he was just frozen in place. The game was still working, everything else was still moving, I just couldn't move, attack, or anything.

Good game

Good game, fun, decent difficulty curve, but I'm giving you a low star rating because of the difficulty with some of the mini games. namely the Haddock minigame. What's wrong with you? Did you just not want us unlocking that character? Why would you make the mini game so difficult and the requirement for unlocking the character so high? I've played it over and over until I've ran out of money and still haven't beaten it. It gets to the point where you have to focus all your attention on dodging shit instead of shooting things, what the fuck?

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I like it, it's a very calming song. Favorited.

HyruleanHyroe responds:

Well awesome, Cericon! Glad to know you enjoyed it! ;D


This song is....Epic.

Rad responds:

I think it's overated compared to some of the other things on the AP, but thanks!


It sounds like a mixture of jazz and classical music.

knuxrouge responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you like it.

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Great art.

I've seen most of all your art, and I must say, you're one of the best artists around.
Although, I wanted to know, what's the significance of the 20 dollar bills? Is she a prostitute?

Decent art,

but that's it. Everything else is pretty awful.
Oversized swords and furry characters.


You turned a piece of shit into what would otherwise be considered art.

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